Wed, 24th January, 2018 ~ 11:42 am

Disneyland and weather

As noted before, we went to Disneyland in early November. The kids had an amazing time! They all really loved Space Mountain and Star Tours. My youngest daughter had a mini coronary on Big Thunder Mountain  when her lap bar wasn’t down far enough and she got slammed around in her chair . My oldest daughter freaked out a little at the hill on Splash Mountain. My boys went on everything but did scream like a couple of small girls on a few rides haha. Michael had never been there before and he had fun causing trouble all day. I think we got in almost every ride that was open except for the submarine and It’s a Small World because it was closed for the day.

I haven’t been there in years so they had revamped quite a few rides. The most noticeable one was the Haunted Mansion. They added a whole bunch of stuff from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved the changes!

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season. We finally have beautiful weather. It’s the payoff for enduring the summer heat. Here is a picture I shot of the sky the other day. Gorgeous eh?


Happy Birthday

Yes, it’s true. It’s my birfday. That’s the bad news. The good news is I am going to Disneyland tomorrow with my family. Should be fun!

Mists of Pandaria

Hub bought me the collector’s edition of Mists of Pandaria. See….

Yes I have been glued to it for the last two weeks haha.  Got my main up to 90 and working on the rep grind. Next onto the alts…

So what is everyone else up to? Hope you all are well!

Update and MoP

All is well on this end of the universe. The kids have gone back to school and subsequently I have found a few of my lost brain cells. Fall is here and I have high hopes of seeing double digit weather sometime soon. My daughter is getting Student of the Month tomorrow too so we are very proud!

In other news the new expansion releases tomorrow: World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria. I’m so excited. Hub bought me the collector’s edition so I am going to pick it up early tomorrow.  Anyone else excited?

I also wanted to give a birthday shout out to Kimi.  Hope it’s a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to wish my Mom a very happy birthday. We love you!