Mon, 19th February, 2018 ~ 6:06 pm

Summer is here

I think winter forgot us down here in the desert. Either that or it happened somewhere between Feb 6-8 on the one day it rained. We are back to triple digits already and have been for a month. That’s ok, more time in the pool for me. It’s good for my butt.

Well my son who was in boarding school managed to get himself expelled so he is back home with us. He was leaving the campus and when he came back he was carving bad words into cars, breaking windows, etc. It initially created quite a bit of chaos because I got a call and they said come get him in 24 hours or we are pressing charges. Sounds simple enough but the school is 650 miles away. So I yanked the other kids out of school and drove to get him.

It’s been frustrating because he is just a very defiant young man. He wants to be lazy all the time and still have all of the perks of someone who tries their hardest. He is only 15 so we have 3 more years of this which sounds exhausting. He is very smart intellectually but chooses to not invest himself in school or family. I keep reminding myself that life has a way of teaching us all those lessons. Lessons to try our hardest to get the best reward. Laziness doesn’t pay off. I am learning the very hard lesson of patience. Not just patience, extreme patience. It’s hard to watch someone make bad decisions over and over again when you can see the outcome ahead of time. Sometimes people just have to learn for themselves.

In other news my other 3 are doing well. Everyone caught a cold but that passed pretty quick.

So how is everyone out in cyberland? Hopefully surviving the heat. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Kay says:

    Everything is good down here its winter and cold.
    I am sorry to hear about your son. Hang in there, he will learn.


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