Fri, 15th December, 2017 ~ 8:26 am

In a daze…

I have to apologize to everyone who has been by here the past few months only to see no updates. My life has taken quite a few unexpected turns. So let me update you now…

My husband was a Director of Engineering at a local hotel here.  Last August the hotel was bought out by another company and they wiped out all of the current management, including my hub. He hadn’t had a vacation in a really long time so we decided it would be nice for him to rest and relax for a month or so. We got the vacation and then some. Almost 6 months later he is still out of work despite us job hunting every single day and applying for lots of jobs. He is well qualified for his job but there just aren’t that many good jobs opening up.

While this was all going on my second oldest son started getting into trouble. He started ditching high school, hanging out with the troubled kids, getting nasty and violent at home. This came to a pinnacle when he ran away during school and I didn’t find him for 5 days. He made sure to run away exactly on my 40th birthday. When I did find him he was at a house that was full of high teenagers and a mom who was clearly an addict herself. I was terrified. My hub and I lead a very clean lifestyle to try and be a good example for our children. With some help from family I managed to get my son into a private school far away from where we live. It is a beautiful school on top of a mountain without distractions. No crap is tolerated there. While I am relieved and thankful that he is safe and progressing in a positive way, we all miss him.

Fast forward to November. My minivan starts acting funny so my hub told me to drive his car for a few days while we fix the van. While driving with my daughter past the elementary school a teacher made an illegal left turn right into me. It totaled my husband’s car and banged up my daughter and I. The airbags went off and smashed her really hard in the face. We are okay but it was really scary. It was a very old ugly Tercel but it ran great. It was always our back up car. With the backup car gone I went back to my van. Over the past couple of months we have made minor fixes to the van to keep it running. My husband has been working on it as money comes in from unemployment to try and fix it. It is currently completely out of commission and I have a rental car until Friday. Not sure what to do after that. Our savings is gone.

I just feel like the snowball of bad luck has really run my family over.  I would ask what else could go wrong except that I feel at this time it would be tempting fate. Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get control of your life? That is where I am.  As I write this I realize probably no one will read it but I had to write it anyway. I just needed to tell someone.

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  1. Oasis says:

    😥 Holy crap on Angel month(s) huh.. what a nightmare. I just don’t understand why the universe decides to dump on good people like this. I just hope your situation turns to the better soon because well look at Arista, well I won’t put her business out there but I mean damn… maybe we deserve to have our world get shaken now and again but that gurl has been thru hell for years now.

  2. Oasis says:

    .. and don’t take that wrong I’m not comparing the two. I just mean I don’t understand why so many good people just suddenly get crapped on ya know. Like smooth sailing and BAM let’s just pick some random person and turn there world upside down today, tomorrow, hell lets make it a few months or even more. Makes no sense to me …

  3. Kimi says:

    Sweetheart catch my life preserver! I am always here for you!! xoxoxo I miss you!!!

  4. kimi says:

    Hi sweetie…just stopping by to give you some love xoxxoxo

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