Wed, 24th January, 2018 ~ 11:42 am

Happy New Year

2012 has come and gone. How was your year? Mine was… meh, some good, some bad. I am hoping that 2013 is a much brighter year. I have decided it is up to me to make sure that happens.

I have made some resolutions for this year. I resolve to eat healthier. I am trying to eat more natural foods and less processed foods so my insides will be pretty. I have also started eating way less meat and embrace other sources of protein. This is easier said than done for me since I am married to a meatasaurus.

I have also resolved to start reading more books again, not on my computer or phone but real books. I sort of got out of practice and when I started reading again I realized how much I missed it. Nothing like curling up with a nice glass of tea, a blanket and a great book. I find this relaxes and soothes me.

So what are your resolutions for this year? Also, a very belated Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Paula says:

    Back at ya… Anyhooooo I don’t do resolutions. I used to but when I failed I used to get myself into such a state. So for the past few years I just don’t make them.. I just say what I would like to achieve.. I want to be more creative as I am so sucky it sucks but I wont go into melt down if I dont manage it. I am slowly changing my eating habits and its working so far i have lost 13lbs without even trying..

    As for the books I hear you there. I love books but for me I prefer my kindle, there is no waste at all. No tree, no chemicals, nothing just text. I think thats my bit for the environment. But also we were over run with books. I recently donated over 200 + books to the local charity. I was sad but it had to be done ..

    Al the best for the new year stinky xx

  2. Manda says:

    Your resolutions are similar to mine =) I would love to go vegetarian one day but my attempts so far have failed. I went through a period of no reading and when I came back to reading it was like I couldn’t get enough of it, one book right after another, whole days just devouring stories.

    I think you are right and it is up to each of us to make this year a good one. I hope you have a great 2013 Angel <3

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