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Pixel thingiemajigs

I have been having so much fun over at Secret Vanilla Patch. It’s been so long since I wanted to draw. It’s been so long since my muse decided to cooperate. It’s so nice to see some of the same people I met so long ago. They inspired me so much when I started dolling and pixeling. I actually started going through my old folders looking at stuff I had made… laughing at how bad some of it was… but smiling because we all have to start somewhere. Happy memories. I really don’t have a lot to say today, I am just happy to have a content day with my nose stuck in PSP.

Hope you are having a nice day too!

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Pixel People!

Hello creatures, just wanted to pop in an give my fellow pixel nerds a heads up that Jo reopened The Secret Vanilla Patch. So if you were a member before or just want to come jabber with other pixel artists, come check it out! Hope to see you there. Click the button below (not a referral).

Secret Vanilla Patch


How I made butter!

Yup, I made butter. While my husband loves margarine and veggie oil spreads, I am a true butter lover. After reading up on it and realizing just how easy it was I decided it was time to make my own. I took a couple of pictures to show you. All you need is heavy cream or heavy whipping cream and some salt. Most recipes use a stand mixer but I don’t have one yet so I used my hand mixer to do it. It does take a bit more work but it was no problem.

First I put my cream in a large mixing bowl.

If you are trying this, make sure you have a bowl at least twice the size of the cream you put in. It puffs up when it goes through the whipped cream stage. Start it on low so you don’t splash everywhere. After just a minute or so I turned it up to full speed. Then it starts to get fluffy like this:

Keep going and it will start to deflate, turn a faint yellow and look almost grainy.

After about 10 minutes total it turns into butter. You will know this happens when the butter chunks up and it separates from the buttermilk. There will be an obvious change and your mixer will start splashing buttermilk all over the place. I recommend turning your mixer speed down and letting it go for another minute or so to separate as much as you can. After you are done, make sure you drain all of the buttermilk out of your butter. Then take your bowl of butter and rinse (yes rinse) it in cold water until the water runs clear. Poke at it with a rubber spatula or plastic spoon repeatedly to squeeze the buttermilk out. It is imperative that you do this. If you leave the buttermilk in it the butter will go bad much faster. Now just let it dry out in a fine strainer or cheesecloth and salt it to taste. Make sure to seal it in an airtight container and keep refrigerated since it is natural butter without preservatives.

My final result:

You can make it light and airy by whipping it some more or add other flavors like honey and vanilla or cinnamon.  Well that is what I did this morning. What are you baking or cooking today?

In other news I got this beautiful tag at Hearts Enchanted that I am just crazy about:

Well I am off to do other things, have a great day.

Old inspirations

So I have been browsing around lately online. Kind of getting lost in looking at old doll sites and stuff. My muse has been absent for literally years now. Maybe it was creating too much, too fast, for too many years… or maybe it was just a natural fluctuation of artistic desire but either way, my muse has been gone.  I do mostly regular pixel stuff now but I started as a “doller”. I sucked when I started and now when I look at my old dolls I giggle. So horrible. I keep them though because they remind me where I started and how amazed I was to even create those. Time and patience taught me to draw decently. Not wonderful but I was happy with my creations as they came.  It’s been so long since I have been inspired by dolls. It’s really partially my fault because I wasn’t actively looking. I was just tired of pixels for awhile.

The thing is that while I was browsing I found lots of the old sites that originally inspired me. I remember seeing Angy Chan’s site for the first time many years ago and thinking “wow, I want to do that”. There was so much detail in such a small graphic. I was amazing, awed and inspired. Then I found other sites and artists like Xandorra, Dhaling, Mochidelicious, Pinkland, SCA and others.  Most of the original dollers that were around 10 or more years ago aren’t around anymore. They have either moved on to bigger projects or have lost interest and their sites sit, untouched. Then I found dolling forums like Realm of the Forbidden and The Underground and I think my head exploded. It was a giant grouping of people who loved to doll. I was sooooo inspired!

So my question to you is, if you were/are an artist, who was your inspiration? Which artist made you think “I have to do that”? Do you still do that type of art or have you evolved into other art forms or interests?