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Summer is here

I think winter forgot us down here in the desert. Either that or it happened somewhere between Feb 6-8 on the one day it rained. We are back to triple digits already and have been for a month. That’s ok, more time in the pool for me. It’s good for my butt.

Well my son who was in boarding school managed to get himself expelled so he is back home with us. He was leaving the campus and when he came back he was carving bad words into cars, breaking windows, etc. It initially created quite a bit of chaos because I got a call and they said come get him in 24 hours or we are pressing charges. Sounds simple enough but the school is 650 miles away. So I yanked the other kids out of school and drove to get him.

It’s been frustrating because he is just a very defiant young man. He wants to be lazy all the time and still have all of the perks of someone who tries their hardest. He is only 15 so we have 3 more years of this which sounds exhausting. He is very smart intellectually but chooses to not invest himself in school or family. I keep reminding myself that life has a way of teaching us all those lessons. Lessons to try our hardest to get the best reward. Laziness doesn’t pay off. I am learning the very hard lesson of patience. Not just patience, extreme patience. It’s hard to watch someone make bad decisions over and over again when you can see the outcome ahead of time. Sometimes people just have to learn for themselves.

In other news my other 3 are doing well. Everyone caught a cold but that passed pretty quick.

So how is everyone out in cyberland? Hopefully surviving the heat. Thanks for stopping by!

Things are looking up

I am sorry it has been a couple of months since I last update, especially  after my last post. So now for updates.

My husband got a job in March. It is at a local hotel that is VERY busy so he is working long hours. I am thankful he is willing to put in those kind of hours for me and the kids. He is a good hub and takes good care of us. 🙂

My second son is still at his boarding school. He had some more bumpy patches with running away and stuff but is doing better now. The good news is that he is safe and he has no F’s in any of his classes. That doesn’t sound like much but he has most of his grades at C’s and I haven’t seen that since about 4th grade. So YAY!

Hub managed to fix my van. He had to hand craft a whole new wiring harness for the fuel system because purchasing one was a two month wait and a huge cost. Thank goodness for YouTube and the internet. There were so many wonderful people with helpful advice so we could actually do it. My van is currently in the body shop getting a new back gate because a guy smashed into it at a red light. The good news is that his insurance covered it all.

So for any of you out there who are struggling… if your life is too much… too hard or you feel like you are drowning in bad circumstances like I did, please don’t give up hope. It takes time but I promise you, things work themselves out. If your life is going great, please take the time to look around you because a friend or family member may be struggling more than you think. Be their lifesaver by lending a hug and a smile. I was at the point of crying myself to sleep each night, having chest pains and feeling hopeless. I also want to thank you guys who emailed, called, commented, etc. Even if I didn’t speak to you directly, I read each one and I love you for taking the time to send comfort. I really needed it. You guys are the best. Thanks for the life preserver Kimi. 🙂

In a daze…

I have to apologize to everyone who has been by here the past few months only to see no updates. My life has taken quite a few unexpected turns. So let me update you now…

My husband was a Director of Engineering at a local hotel here.  Last August the hotel was bought out by another company and they wiped out all of the current management, including my hub. He hadn’t had a vacation in a really long time so we decided it would be nice for him to rest and relax for a month or so. We got the vacation and then some. Almost 6 months later he is still out of work despite us job hunting every single day and applying for lots of jobs. He is well qualified for his job but there just aren’t that many good jobs opening up.

While this was all going on my second oldest son started getting into trouble. He started ditching high school, hanging out with the troubled kids, getting nasty and violent at home. This came to a pinnacle when he ran away during school and I didn’t find him for 5 days. He made sure to run away exactly on my 40th birthday. When I did find him he was at a house that was full of high teenagers and a mom who was clearly an addict herself. I was terrified. My hub and I lead a very clean lifestyle to try and be a good example for our children. With some help from family I managed to get my son into a private school far away from where we live. It is a beautiful school on top of a mountain without distractions. No crap is tolerated there. While I am relieved and thankful that he is safe and progressing in a positive way, we all miss him.

Fast forward to November. My minivan starts acting funny so my hub told me to drive his car for a few days while we fix the van. While driving with my daughter past the elementary school a teacher made an illegal left turn right into me. It totaled my husband’s car and banged up my daughter and I. The airbags went off and smashed her really hard in the face. We are okay but it was really scary. It was a very old ugly Tercel but it ran great. It was always our back up car. With the backup car gone I went back to my van. Over the past couple of months we have made minor fixes to the van to keep it running. My husband has been working on it as money comes in from unemployment to try and fix it. It is currently completely out of commission and I have a rental car until Friday. Not sure what to do after that. Our savings is gone.

I just feel like the snowball of bad luck has really run my family over.  I would ask what else could go wrong except that I feel at this time it would be tempting fate. Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get control of your life? That is where I am.  As I write this I realize probably no one will read it but I had to write it anyway. I just needed to tell someone.

The good, the bad, and the super cute

In case you didn’t read my other post, our beloved guinea pig, Miss Piggie died a few weeks ago. We were all quite sad. We never knew how old she was but in hindsight I think she may have been quite old and also possibly a retired breeder. She had a large backside like a piggie mommy would. She was being picked on by the other guinea pigs in the cage at the pet store. They were biting her… a lot. When we brought her home I was so happy she wasn’t getting picked on anymore. After she passed my family wanted to get a new guinea pig but I wasn’t ready to. She wasn’t just a pet, she had become family. As we threw away her bowls and toys it was overwhelming for me. The only thing left was an empty cage. I found myself tearing up often as I walked past it. Hub suggested that we should get the cage all set up for a new piggie in case we found one we liked at some point in time. I was very hesitant but I realized that this was a good idea. So off to the pet store we went. I gathered up all of the goodies we would need and headed up to the front to pay when I noticed my daughter glued to the guinea pig cage. There were a bunch of new baby piggies. They were all really cute but one in particular caught our eye.


She was a cute little white and pink girl. She was chattering and walking over all of the others. So, after some begging and not that much persuasion we bought her and brought her home. This is Minnie. Her little face looks like a mouse face to me. She is so adorable and mischievous. We all still miss Miss Piggie however our love has been refocused on her, making us all a little less sad. She has brought smiles back to our faces with her antics. She is very social and loves to snuggle, run at full pig speed, and jumps around her cage when you greet her. She had a bit of an eye infection when we got her so we took her back and had her treated.


She is 100% now and I even managed to capture her pretty blues eyes in this photo.  I just wanted to share our joy in having her with us. She has brought a lot of smiles. Peanut (my dachshund) isn’t quite so sure he loves her. I think he thinks she is stealing his thunder. He forgets how spoiled he is sometimes. LOL.

My minivan broke down the other day. I stopped to get some gas in the morning on the way to drop my kids off and it just didn’t start again. I called AAA and they came. The battery and starter were fine. He said it sounded like my fuel filter or pump went out or got clogged. So I had it hauled in and they said the fuel filter was clogged. So I had them replace it. Then they called me back to say it still wouldn’t start. Realizing their system of trial and error wasn’t working I had AAA haul it to my house.  Hub came home and checked it out. He changed out one fuse and it’s working again. I am so thankful for a skilled husband and happy I didn’t go back to the shop which would have undoubtedly cost me a lot more money with very few results.

In other news, my boys both got glasses last week. Apparently my second child is blind as a bat and no one knew it. He picked glasses that he thinks looks like Justin Bieber’s sunglasses (Ray-Ban style) while my older one went for the more wire rimmed hipster look. It’s fun to watch them slowly turn into the adult they will become. My oldest looks like a young man now and the glasses accentuated it. Time is getting away from me.

I hope everyone had a nice mother’s day. We are celebrating it this coming weekend with my parents. It should be fun. We are having a big picnic at the park since the weather is so nice. Have a great day!


Miss Piggie

Yesterday was a very somber day for us. Our beloved guinea pig, Miss Piggie died.


She was very silly and loved to play with the kids.  We are all quite heartbroken about it. She will be missed. We love you Miss Piggie.