Mon, 19th February, 2018 ~ 6:06 pm

Divine Secrets May – About Me

May’s theme for Divine Secrets is About Me. So onto the prompt:

A quote:

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.” ~Willy Wonka. I know this is a silly quote but it always made sense to me. Humans are capable of making so many beautiful things.

Favorite Song:

Probably “Is This Love” by Whitesnake. Yeah, I’m old and love 80’s rock!

Makes me happy:

My family. Watching romantic comedies when it’s raining outside. My dachshund Peanut. Cooking stuff with my family.

Makes me sad:

When I see or hear friends hurting physically or emotionally. I always wish I could help them more than I do.

One word to describe myself:

Unexpected. Life seems to take me by surprise a lot and other people seem surprised by my actions a lot.


Sentimental days

Do you ever have those days where you aren’t happy, you aren’t sad… you are just peaceful. So you sit down in your living room, turn on some good music and just relax. As you sit there you find yourself listening to music that makes your mind wander and remember things. You find yourself thinking of old friends and experiences. You think of childhood friends and first kisses and fun events. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or my mood, or just because I am sentimental old sap but today is that day for me. Just lost in music and memories.

Divine Secrets – What I love most about myself

For this week’s Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood we are supposed to write about what we love most about ourselves. This makes me feel a bit awkward because I think all of us are most critical of ourselves and forget to be aware and appreciative of what is good in us.

I think my favorite thing about myself is my sense of humor. Anyone that knows me knows I am constantly being weird and cracking jokes. I tend to do it at unexpected times too. Shock value adds a lot to the mix so I generally toss a little of that in. It makes me very happy when I can make other people laugh and distract them from their daily problems. I think being a bartender really instilled this in me. Sometimes people would come sit at my bar after they got off work and you could see the weary, worn down look on their face. After a few minutes I would have them laughing. It always makes me feel good to lighten up someone’s day.

For me personally, I know if I am laughing my whole days seems to go smoother. I believe bringing laughter to others is healing for everyone. It relaxes you, it makes all your happy biochemicals flow, and helps release daily tension. I have been called a childish clown on a number of occasions and my only response is “thank you”. I am blessed and thankful that I was given this strange mind to be able to see and laugh about the humorous things in life. I am also thankful for the other childish clowns in my life that bring happiness to me.

Profoundly sad today


Robin Williams passed yesterday of what appears to be a suicide at the age of 63. I hardly take notice of celebrity deaths because they are just someone I don’t know and while it is sad, my heart is rarely involved. He was different. I have never cried over a celebrity death before. He is one of those people that brought amazing happiness and cheer to those around him. His professional career was amazing for most of us as fans. He was even more amazing in his personal life. He took the time to make people feel good whether he knew them or not. Stories and pictures of his kindness have exploded on the internet since his passing.

He had a history of depression as well as bi-polar disorder. He also had a history of addiction. It is incredibly sad to me that the man who brought so much happiness to others could not find it in his own life. Should you find  yourself in the same position as Robin, please let someone know. The suicide prevention hotline is 1-800-273-TALK for anyone in the USA. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get help. More people love you than you know!

Rest in peace Robin. You are loved and will be greatly missed.

Divine Secrets – School’s In

This is my first week doing Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood. Be patient with me in case I  act  foolish or just mindlessly blabber. Wait, that is what you came here for… right?! Our theme this week is school’s in. We are supposed to blog about favorite teachers.  Well mine isn’t a favorite teacher, it is a favorite pair of teachers. They were married and I had both of them. Mr. and Mrs. Berg. Mr. Berg was my Algebra 1 teacher and Mrs. Berg was my English teach for 3 years in high school.

Let’s start with Mr. Berg. Besides being a brilliant mathematician, he was also quite snarky. He would teach you like he expected you to learn. No excuses. He was very witty and had a comeback for anything. You knew if he called on you and you weren’t prepared, chaos would ensue. His approval made you feel like the queen of the world while his disapproval made you feel about the size of an ant. Somehow he could do that without making me feel like giving up. I don’t know how either. I hated math but his class was one of the few I paid attention in and actually enjoyed learning.

Mrs. Berg was different. She was sweet and gentle but had the stare that could cut through you. She was passionate about reading and writing as well as about all of us. She brought a lot of books to life for me. Things I probably wouldn’t have completely understood like The Odyssey by Homer.  I remember us taking turns reading it out loud. She would stop us as and ask us what we thought things meant. She would point out all of this extra stuff we didn’t even see. She turned the books into adventures that we got to be a part of.

These two changed more of my high school learning experience than all of my others teachers combined.